How I Can Help


To date, I have helped several people fulfill their dreams of becoming authors. Why do people want to write a book? We all have dreams of telling our stories, of sharing with the world what we think, feel and see, and to leave a legacy behind. Writing is a path where we delve and become intimate with ourselves.

I believe there is a bestseller in all of us, and mentor budding authors and help connect them to publishers and book distributors in Asia. My clients range from billionaires and entertainment personalities to stay-at-home mothers and I am proud to have been “midwife” to several bestselling books.

My team and I will help you:

  1. Conceptualise your book contents and ghostwrite your book .

  2. Edit your book.

  3. Sort out the nitty-gritty of getting a book out
    (designer, layout, printing, distribution, ISBN application, and the list goes on).

  4. Advise you on the various ways you can get your book out (self-publish or go with a publisher).

  5. Write your book proposal. A book proposal is similar to the business plan of your business – essential! A busy publisher has all of five minutes to look at the numerous proposals sent his way, so yours has to stand out, otherwise it goes into his trash bin.

  6. Connect you to leading publishers – and get you a book deal!

  7. Score a bestseller! (I’ve done it, so can you!).